LEx: Enhance high-tech knowledge sharing

LEx e-learning platform is user-centric and promotes efficiently your technical training. It is designed to share your knowledge assets 24/7, wherever you are.

A bridge between workforce and experts

In the previous article, we touched on Standard Operating Procedures being turned into Mediabooks, step-by-step instructional videos produced by Sourcin. Learning Experience platform (LEx), a specific web application, was developed by Sourcin to ensure a great user experience when imparting such high-value knowledge assets.

It was developed to make the best of the visual instructions at the point of use and thus meeting the goal of efficient technical knowledge sharing.

Its key features provide the users with first-hand information for training purposes, as well as the assistance in-the-flow-of-work for biopharma operations.

LEx is a direct bridge between new and seasoned operators and the context of operations, without the burden to find what they need.


With 10 years of track record in the field of technical knowledge sharing, Sourcin’s engineers endeavored to tackle the challenge of designing a web platform that satisfies the expectations of the users and the requirements of the biopharma sector: simplicity of use, security, and compliance. Since the platform is web-based there is no hurdle in installing various components on premises nor during the implementation phase.

The security features rely on 2 aspects:

  1. The backbone of LEx: AWS Cloud, a robust and secure cloud system with a strong track record on the market. Each access on the platform is unique and temporal, thus ensuring data protection.
  2. The ALCOA+ guidelines (Attributable, Legible, Contemporaneous, Original, Accurate, + Complete, Consistence, Enduring, Available) recommended by the Regulatory Authorities (EMA, FDA, WHO, and PIC/S), were fully considered and are built-in LEx in the development phases by Sourcin developers.

LEx: Built to be user centric

Operators in Biopharma Operations are switching between two closely entwined ecosystems when it comes to procedures: the Learning and the operations one, where regulations take precedence.

LEx fulfills the learning gaps within businesses, by providing a means to share and deliver first-in-class knowledge content through its On-demand portal or to create and formally assign training modules.

User roles ensure the content provided is relevant, while authoring, content management and audiences are administered separately.
LEx is a solution to fulfill the need for mandatory training and the process operations at the biopharma production suites.

LEx serves just one purpose: creating the ideal experience for the users, irrespectively of the ecosystem they are in.