Designed to share the proficiencies of a production process. Intuitive video based micro-learning to deliver instructions in the flow of work.

Enhance training efficiency and best practices consolidation.

Learning Experience

LEx is user-centric and promotes efficiently your technical training. It is designed to share your knowledge assets 24/7, wherever you are.
Watch the video to discover how! 🎦🎶

Keep it Simple and Secure

  • Embark on an engaging training journey using visual SOPs
  • Enhanced learner performance drives proficient teams

Knowledge Hub

Versatile, a video platform of interactive visual instructions

  • Maximize the attention and autonomy of trainees
  • Blended learning integrates digital and instructor led programs for coherent and scalable training plans
  • Simple, scalable and easy to manage
  • Support throughout the entire process
  • Regulatory compliance (ALCOA+)
  • Our DNA: Biopharma Operations
Overcoming the Biopharma Skills Gap
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